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We help organizations to be more efficient in their local and regional operations. Our closeness to our clients is what differentiate us from the competition. Our features are identified by our clients as well as colleagues and allow us to generate exceptional experiences.

TGS in Peru

We are one of the leading auditing firms in the Peruvian market, with more than 42 years of experience providing Audit, Tax, Legal, Advisory and Outsourcing services. Since 2018 we belong to TGS Network and we are also the only Peruvian firm that owns a firm in Chile.

We think in a “glocal” way.  Accordingly, we have a local and specialized business approach at a regional level, although with the support and vision of a global firm.  Our aim is to accompany our clients in the best way possible through the use of world-class methodologies and processes which are reinforced with a specialized vision in their local and regional needs.  This is mainly important in order to provide more precise solutions.

We are best known by our experience in AUDIT services. Our clients in this area are varied and our reports secure that our work is perform with independence that is why they are used to obtain financing, consolidate financial statements, maintain credibility with stakeholders and comply with regulators. We also deliver services like IFRS Adoption, Due Diligence, Internal Audit, Compliance and Crime Prevention Audit, among others. We meet high standards to provide the best services to our clients. 

Our vast experience in several areas of TAX & LEGAL, like corporate tax, transfer pricing and labor, allow us to apply all our knowledge in every service we provide. We were ranked on Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing Services by the International Tax Review since 2015. Our Transfer Pricing area, carried out the, master file, local report, country by country report, for companies in Perú, Chile, Costa Rica, and Colombia. We have become a reference for our peers, members of TGS, in the Region, conducting Webinars and Seminars.

ADVISORY is another line of business that enable us to remain in the market as a reliable firm. We put a multi-disciplinary team at the service of our clients, guaranteeing high quality work. Our different clients trust in our work, and we assure that they obtain the results they are looking for; this helps them to make better and informed decisions. Our Corporate Advisory area provide the M&A and valuation services, through the development of the equity cash flow determined the value of the shares. Also, the valuation of companies and intangibles, impairment test and financial due diligence. We strengthen the financing operations to help drive profitable growth, reduce costs, and guide the business line.

Our OUTSOURCING service line provide to specific clients accounting, payroll and business process outsourcing with global technology. Also, our tax compliance and tax outsourcing are very required services

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Our Culture

According to our Firm's strategy, we believe in creating a work culture that draws, engages, improves and keeps the best talents. Our organizational culture is outlined by a practical worldwide 360 Competency Model and a joint work culture which constantly incorporates technologies, processes and concepts that contribute to exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our vision is to be the most reliable business firm in the region.

Our mission is to provide business consulting services by assisting our clients in achieving a more efficient management and preserve their business value over time.

Our QICI Values: Quality, Integrity, Compliance and Innovation.


TGS Network

TGS is a dynamic global business network of independent firms providing accounting, audit, tax, business advisory and commercial legal services. Currently operating with 70 members from 59 countries and over 4350 professional staff, multidisciplinary TGS member firms support clients by designing global, sustainable solutions and providing a one-stop-shop for business advisory, audit, tax, legal and accounting services. Our expertise fuels local and international growth informs innovation and positions clients in the marketplace, safeguards businesses against financial and organizational risks and helps to value and maintain assets.

Our pragmatic vision of business, experience in the field and feedback from members enables us to continuously improve our methods and solutions to suit unique client environments.

At TGS, we identify the challenges of our profession in order to deliver an active response to a rapidly changing and uncertain environment. We learn, grow organically, and use our collective human intelligence to stay one step ahead.

At TGS, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. TGS means Think Global Sustainability.
We aim to deliver sustainable, long-term excellence in service delivery. As such, we build quality with our members at the center of the process as befits clients with global policies on auditing, ethics, and independence. We nurture transparent, honest relationships with our members and clients and work with integrity and accountability.

In addition, we are deeply committed to implementing responsible business practices and developing solutions with a positive impact on society. Accordingly, we support the ten principles of the Global Compact on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Our culture, strategies and operations are aligned with universal principles of sustainable development.

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TGS in the Americas

We support our clients with world-class methodologies and processes. The TGS team has a specialized vision of the local and regional needs of our clients, we are the right team to provide the most accurate solutions. 

The Quality of our Audit, Tax Consulting, Legal Consulting, Business Advisory and Outsourcing services is guaranteed by the use of cutting-edge technology, incorporated to our Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Automation services. The quality controls: 'Constance Quality Program' and 'Peer to Peer Review', in which we participate as a region every year, guarantee the high quality of our assignments.

The 12 firms in the Americas offer local quality solutions to global problems to more than 1000 clients in 11 countries:

Canada Costa Rica Chile
United States Colombia Argentina
Mexico Ecuador Brazil
Guatemala Peru  


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