Our business consulting services help our clients to improve their operative performance, efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Our team gets ahead of situations that might represent opportunities or threats to your company by providing a new view with an objective, multidisciplinary and professional perspective. Based on an integral view of businesses, we work with our clients as a team to develop and implement business solutions with measurable results.

Soft landing

Dynamic companies usually have a natural instinct for growing and expanding, but the associated risks could discourage them from making a decision. If you do not expand to new markets due to fear of failure, you run the risk of missing great opportunities. We understand that it is not an easy decision, therefore, in TGS Sarrio & Asociados we have experts who will advise you through the whole process by providing guidance and tools that will support your investment decision. You can choose the complete service or an individual service that are part of soft landing:

  • Inducement.- The aim is to prepare the adequate strategy for your market, products or services. It consists of visiting the Group´s headquarters or the investor´s main office with the purpose of understanding the organizational culture and structure, philosophy, processes and investment and expansion plans.
  • Trade agenda.- Starting with the gathering of information from the visit, we prepare a schedule of meetings with key people that will help you have a broader view for your market and company.
  • Market study.- Uncertainty and risks will decrease, which will help in the company´s
    decision-making of investment in Peru.
  • Start-up.- We provide the necessary to integrate your company in the market:

Strategic Planning

We advise you with the strategic planning of your company, so it can reflect as exact as possible what will be the strategy to follow by your company in the medium term.

Inventory Service

In TGS Sarrio & Asociados, we have a team of specialists and cutting-edge technology at the service of your inventory. We guarantee impartiality in results and confidentiality, trained staff who is constantly evaluated, operational simultaneity by covering different locations in the country, and tailored services for your needs.

  • Integral management of fixed assets.- Advisory in integral management of fixed assets will allow you to improve efficiency in the controls of assets management processes.
  • Physical inventory of supplies and conciliation.- It consists of verifying physical stocks of supplies in selling points, warehouses and distribution centers. After verifying the physical stock, the conciliation of the obtained quantities is performed with the registered information in the computing system to determine existing differences.
  • Appraisal of supplies and fixed assets.- The aim of the appraisal is to determine the in-market trade value of supplies and fixed assets that are registered in the accounting database of the company.

Human Capital Consulting 

At TGS Sarrio & Asociados we provide the consulting services that your organization needs for each Human Capital management stage or process.  Our Human Capital Consulting experts will accompany you in the management of Talent, Organizational Transformation and Labor Compliance of your business. Read more