We can help you to understand the value triggers behind successful transactions. Our collaborative focus has dynamic teams with a wide financial, trade and operative background.

TGS Sarrio & Asociados transaction services are oriented to drive the creation of value from a transaction. We help our clients to navigate complex transactions -either by buying or selling- with great speed and diligence. From strategy design of the transaction to due diligence development, integration of a new business or entity separation; we help our clients to take advantage of new opportunities, solve problems and manage risks to free their growth potential.

Our specialists have developed collaborative relations with key actors in the financial industry, which has allowed them to be well placed to facilitate transactions and financing goals that our clients require. Internationally, we have specialists in transaction services in more than 40 countries in the network of Member Firms of TGS Global, which provides peace of mind to our clients since we have consultants with a deep knowledge of the local market conditions and the support of a Firm with global resources.


We strengthen the financing operations to help drive profitable growth, reduce costs and guide the business line.

  • business plan development
  • strategic plan development

Mergers & Acquisitions

We will guide you through the entire process. Our goal is to create a problem-free transition and, finally, add value to your business. We assess, structure the transaction, manage the negotiation and supervise the due diligence and transfer processes, including the involvement of lawyers and auditors.

  • Purchase or sale of the business.- You can be ready to expand your business or you might be ready to sell it, we can help you by guiding you through the whole process: from the identification of possible opportunities to the negotiation stage, and further more.
  • Find funding.- If you need to find funds for acquisitions, increase of capital or a specific project, we will present you an array of diverse first-level investment funds and private equity that we will adequate to your specific requirements to efficiently accomplish your goals.
  • Local focus, global reach.- Whether you are a foreign buyer in search for an opportunity in Peru or a Peruvian company looking to expand itself abroad our professionals have resources and experience to manage transactions, both locally and abroad.
  • Global private equity.- We issue global private equity reports. The report offers analysis and revision of 143 detailed interviews with the main private capital professionals of the world.

Due Diligence

After a period of negotiation and closeness between vendors and investors, the due diligence process starts. This process focuses on researching how a detailed evaluation of the different aspects of the companies is conducted. The due diligence can be conducted by both the investor, who wants to reduce risks and costs of the acquisition, and the buyer, who wants to learn new areas to improve to increase the value of the company.

In TGS Sarrio & Asociados we provide advisory to our clients by means of a complete evaluation service, we validate the situation of their finances, accounting, taxes, etc. of their companies or of the company they want to acquire. The purpose is to guarantee that the agreed value reflects the global situation of the company and to contribute in the buying, selling or merging decision. The due diligence will help you negotiate, since it is a thorough analysis of the complete status of the company; it is a focus of value of the business you want to acquire.

  • Tax due diligence.- The objective of the tax due diligence is to find imposing contingencies, to which an economic value can be put. Therefore, this analysis is very important. To greater amount of problems, lower the value. 
  • IT due diligence.- The technological integration is a key aspect to add value. If you are considering investments in new technologies or the integration of another IT environment as part of a merger or acquisition, we can help you evaluate the way the transaction will lter the IT alignment with the corporate strategy, management processes and IT risks.

Capital Markets

We provide the means to improve the advantages of trading shares in stock markets by advising you in the different aspects. We provide advisory in the organization of different legal and financial structures that adjust to the needs of the companies and the economic activity in which they are established.


Valuation of a company is useful for different purposes, such as: sale or purchase of a company, expansion of capital, entry or exit of a partner, generational succession or paying employees with shares. This process is analyzed through appropriate valuation methods of the company?s information to determine a realistic estimate of the market value of the shareholders? assets. Our work comprises from the analysis and diagnosis of critical variables of a business to the valuation of the business to achieve strategic integration with investors. Our service includes:

  • Determination of the share value of the company
  • Opinion of value of the company or project
  • Valuation of the company
  • Valuation of debt and tangible and intangible assets
  • Economic and financial pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of investment projects
  • Determination of capital cost
  • Valuation of financial derivatives