Our team of professionals have the knowledge and experience to support you with the transformation of the processes in your organizations to strengthen internal, financial and managerial controls.

For shareholders, providers and investors of your company, it is fundamental to have an independent professional opinion at a determined date with the aim of encouraging credibility of their financial statements.

An audit includes an adequate understanding of the internal control with the purpose of planning the audit and determine the nature, reach and extension of the services procedures.

We apply the global auditing methodology of TGS Global has been designed to reach our goals efficiently and consistently.

It focuses on auditing efforts in the areas of financial statements that represent greater risks.

The main components of the methodology consist of:

  • Identifying risks in financial statements and internal controls
  • Evaluating the possibility that these risks may cause significant errors
  • Developing an appropriate response to the identified risks

This methodology helps us to:

  • Perform better risk evaluations
  • Focus our auditing efforts
  • Determine if specialized skills are required to achieve our auditing goals