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The IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) are a collection of financial accounting
norms oriented to standardize accounting practices between different countries. The
implementation of IFRS improves the quality of financial information by providing
standardize data and reducing the probability of potential errors resulting from the
application of norms at global level.

The challenge: Changeover starts much earlier than the first presentation date of the IFRS

The change to IFRS is a reality; therefore, companies need to be aware that their changeover needs a transformation that involves employees, processes and systems. A properly planned and managed changeover can present substantial improvements in the development of the financial function, as well as improved controls and reduction of costs.

The implementation of IFRS it is not just a change of accounting policies, it is a change that
demands extensive revelations that explain how the financial position, the transactions
result and the cash flows of the entities have been affected.

Therefore, investors will have the opportunity to compare companies in an environment of globalized industries, which will allow them to evaluate the investment and performance with an adequate level of trust.

From the redesign of internal systems of management to the improvement of the
presentation of financial results and the creation of the best development analysis tools,
the IFRS provide a renewed level of strategic value to financial information.