After a period of negotiation and closeness between vendors and investors, the due diligence process starts. This process focuses on researching how a detailed evaluation of the different aspects of the companies is conducted. The due diligence can be conducted by both the investor, who wants to reduce risks and costs of the acquisition, and the buyer, who wants to learn new areas to improve to increase the value of the company.

We provide advisory to our clients by means of a complete evaluation service, we validate the situation of their finances, accounting, taxes, etc. of their companies or of the company they want to acquire. The purpose is to guarantee that the agreed value reflects the global situation of the company and to contribute in the buying, selling or merging decision. The due diligence will help you negotiate, since it is a thorough analysis of the complete status of the company; it is a focus of value of the business you want to acquire.

  • Tax due diligence: The objective of the tax due diligence is to find imposing contingencies, to which an economic value can be put. Therefore, this analysis is very important. To greater amount of problems, lower the value. 
  • IT due diligence: The technological integration is a key aspect to add value. If you are considering investments in new technologies or the integration of another IT environment as part of a merger or acquisition, we can help you evaluate the way the transaction will alter the IT alignment with the corporate strategy, management processes and IT risks.