The payroll service of TGS Sarrio & Asociados has been designed to offer you a different outsourcing and payroll solutions that will help you create a more efficient business model. Delegate us this operational, yet delicate, matter and focus on the important ones.

You can interact directly in your payroll process without transferring files, which guarantees efficiency, confidentiality and transparency of data. This guarantees a better control of your workers, payroll for the generation of reports and the decision-making process. Together with our strategic partner Apdata, leader in technological development of human management, we use adequate technology to help you define the most adequate solutions for your business.

Our team of experts processes your company´s payroll, which allows you to direct your internal resources to your business core, minimizing contingencies before regulatory entities and reducing operational costs.


  • We adapt ourselves to your business needs
  • You´ll be able to access your information in real time online
  • You own your information: every month we deliver digitally all your data
  • Elimination of errors and manual intervention without transferring information via email: monthly novelties are entered directly in the platform
  • Improvement of processing controls of payroll, guarantee of productivity and transparency of flows
  • Access to the platform of as many users the client requires, according to profiles and permits
  • You´ll be able to integrate the payroll of all your offices regardless of geographical distances
    between them
  • Generation of different reports
  • We guarantee the security and privacy of your information in all our servers