We conduct a study that will allow you, in a preventive way, to reduce or remove the different labor contingencies that might exist in your company.

Our service consists of preparing a technical, objective, impartial and reliable study that includes an analysis and revision of the provided documentation and information by the company, which reflects the real situation in regards to the compliance of legal-labor and social security obligations.

The aim of the study is to issue a technical report that identifies existing risks in your company in order to provide recommendations to anticipate labor contingencies before the regulatory entity (SUNAFIL); this way, we can prevent contingencies that can turn into high cost problems for the company.

Our services include:

  • Verification of significant labor obligations
  • Revision of payroll concepts
  • Validation of the information of the T-Register
  • Validation of monthly payrolls, PLAME (monthly payroll) presented before SUNAT
  • Evaluation and analysis of the hiring rules
  • Verification of the calculation basis, compliance and payment opportunity of social benefits
  • Verification of formal labor obligations
  • Evaluation of the obligations compliance related to labor rights and benefits
  • Revision of the Internal Workplace Regulations and human resources policies.


Organizations that aim to maximize international business opportunities send their best assets -their people- to new and challenging environments. In order to keep their employees focused and motivated, employers try to make sure that their remuneration packages are still competitive, and that tax, social security and pension issues related to their relocation have been handled without significant costs.

The tax legislation that affect wages of expatriates vary around the world. Tax advisors need a wide network of specialists to look after their clients with global reach. Tax specialists from the member firms of TGS Global work together in complex and diverse multi-jurisdictional topics to help employers to adopt a coherent and transparent focus on their expatriates matters. This guarantees that employees are treated fairly and that they understand well the terms of their relocation packages.

We work together with companies and individuals to guarantee that associated problems with working abroad and pre-assignation of planning opportunities are applied efficiently to reduce to the minimum the tax burden for both parties.