In the tax division, we have always in mind the expansion needs of our clients; therefore, we support them by offering services from our national and international specialists through our more than 130 offices around the world.

Tax advisory uses as basis the complexity and dynamics of the regulations that compose the tax system, which oblige companies to fit within the current regulations to evaluate the different alternatives with the aim to choose the one that, within the corresponding legal framework, minimizes the tax burden.

Due to their special nature, these services are provided by professionals with great
experience and are handled with discretion, professional ethics and confidentiality,
respecting all regulations that are in force between the Tax Administration and taxpayers.

The tax team provides great quality support and resources for your business.

The service includes.

  • strategic tax planning
  • preventive and integral tax audits
  • advisory and support in tax audit procedures
  • legal and tax consultancy service
  • preparation and/or revision of monthly sworn declarations
  • preparation of complaint and/or appeal resources before SUNAT, Tax Court and, if needed,
    the Judiciary
  • preparation and/or revision of the annual sworn declaration of Income Tax
  • integral legal and tax advisory in processes of foreign investment.